How to Find a Good Wedding Photographer

Finding a professional wedding photographer near you may be a difficult task. This article provides a few suggestions for Perth based weddings.

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Wedding Photography – Make Your Wedding Different

A wedding is one of the greatest occasions in a person’s life. Everyone wants to make it their most special day since this is the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. There are a whole lot of aspects which need to be taken care of while planning your own wedding. Right from the flowers to the dress to the cake, everything needs to be perfect since you won’t get a second chance with this.

Though there are a lot of options available to take your pick, of a wedding planner, from, it is always better and more fun to do all the planning yourself. Though it might really get stressful during the course of the last few months before the wedding, it will all be worth it if the entire event is able to bring the best out of everyone present for the same.

Find A Professional Wedding Photographer

Every marriage needs memories to be preserved. This is where the photographers step in. There is always the doubt whether you should hire a professional photographer or ask a relative to click the pictures. Though it would be a little expensive, it is always better to choose the first option. As for examples of previous work, see if you really like the photos that they show you. Photos will hold the memories that will be cherished forever and will be passed to your family.

Photographers In Perth

Finding a professional wedding photographer near you may be a difficult task. Here are a few suggestions:

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The review "How to Find a Good Wedding Photographer" was last updated on 17/04/2015.

  • Alexandra Burrows

    We used a company called Flow Images in Malvern East, VIC (they used to be i Port Melbourne). It was the worst decision we made in relation to the wedding. This is for a number of reasons. Bear in mind that I acknowledge that I am reasonably picky given that I work for a large company and customer satisfaction is priority 1, however I would have been happy with a polite reasonable service for the wedding as we wanted minimal fuss.

    Here were the issues:

    1. We met with and booked the photographer who runs the business, Mark Facey. He was lovely right up until the point that he had our first deposit

    2. We did not hear from Mark, other than when we asked about upgrading our package and paying extra and even then we could not get him on the phone we were sent emails. We then paid the 2nd deposit hoping it would get better and he was just busy/distracted – he did seem nice enough the first time we met him

    3. Still nothing from Mark around a month before the wedding and when we inquired about speaking with him re locations and what would happen on the wedding day we were emailed a copy of his FAQ’s.

    4. Final deposit made one week before the wedding. I called to chat about locations and timings for the day after sending three emails and not receiving a response. I was told that Mark was not available and that he had never been booked as our wedding photographer. He refused to speak to us and when we got him on the line he begrudgingly said he would compensate us with an extra mini album. All of this even though he was the only person we had spoken to and he had accepted all of our money!

    5. He offered us a substitute photographer that we had never met and had had no option to view her work or our money back… now 2 days before the wedding. We had no option but to use the stand in photographer who turned up on the day and was deaf which made it very difficult to communicate with her and she made no effort to guide us into photos or suggest groups – as a result we have no photos with extended family and my husband has no photos with his siblings or parents (I am in all of them with him, which is a shame as i thins it was important for him to have some with just his family). Not entirely her fault but i would expect a wedding photographer to make some kind of effort to get the standard photo groups! To be fair she was lovely even though it was difficult to communicate, her photo’s weren’t great but she was all we had so you I guess you make the most out of what you can!

    6. Wedding over and we are given a reasonably short time period to make an appointment to plan our album (the proofs did turn up within about 3 weeks which was good).

    7. We went to the appointment and none of his image numbers matched the number on out proofs so we sat there for an hour while he tried to figure it out and then decided to come back another day when his photo’s were sorted out (which he begrudgingly said we would not have to pay for)

    8. Came back a week later and planned album and signed up for an extra $3000 of work… didn’t check the price he gave us on the night against the original contract that we signed and we think he ripped us off around $1000 (the price list does not mean what you think it means). We challenged him on this and he said it was tough, if we wanted the album we needed to pay what he said. Be warned he does not charge by photo size, he charges an average price per photo and this works out to be considerably more expensive! We asked him to calculate the price by the size of each printed photo and he said we would need to pay him for the time it would take him to calculate it. Also like I said his price list does not mean what you will think it means so ask about every aspect of the list and make sure you understand it properly, and make notes so you have something to fall back on when all of the sudden the price seems to have doubled!

    9. We paid additional deposits for the extra work and waited three months for the albums to be made up and when we go to pick it up the pages of our mini albums are out of alignment (photo’s touching the top of the page and three or four cm’s spare at the bottom) and the photo shopping that we had agreed on was not completed (ie. Removing a water bottle out of the door of the car when I was getting out with my dad at the church). Mark’s suggestion to fix this after arguing that he had done nothing wrong and the albums were perfect was to send us the reprinted images and for us to put them in the album ourselves (bear in mind that this is a fixed album where the photos are permanently fixed in card so we would have had to tear it apart and ruin it or pay another album maker). He refused to fix the mini albums that were not aligned and we signed a waiver just so we could take them and give them to our parents who had been waiting for their thank you gifts for almost 6 months! Needless to say they were disappointed with the quality of the albums.

    10. Eventually he agreed to fix the images and have them replaced in the main album.

    11. It took almost another month to get the main album and even then he suggested a time for us to come and pick it up, to which I confirmed and then he was not there. His girlfriend would not let us in the premises to wait (even though this is the business address) and told us he wouldn’t be home for another hour, we said we would come back but could we please use the toilet as we had been waiting for a while already, she would not let us in. We called him and left a message to let him know we were there and went and got some coffee. Came back an hour later and knocked on the door – no answer so we sat in/leaned on the car and waited for him to come home. he finally got home and yelled at us for being there because he hadn’t checked his emails since the prior week and hadn’t seen that we had confirmed we would be coming to the appointment that he suggested (why anyone would suggest an appointment and then not check their email for a response until after the suggested appointment time the next week I will never understand). He refused to give us the album unless we signed a waiver saying it was perfect, without letting us see the album… which we refused to do, he then refused to accept a cheque and demanded that we leave and deposit the money directly into his account or come back with cash. I was genuinely afraid of this man, all we wanted was our wedding album and we had only turned up to the appointment that he had suggested! We gave him a credit card and he finally gave us the album which was covered in sweat (he had been out bike riding, which is why he wasn’t home for the appointment and hadn’t bothered wiping himself down before picking it up.)

    So we have all of our images and our albums but this was the worst experience I have ever had with any service provider. I am sure he is a lovely person to his friends but do not expect any customer service from this company and please write down everything he tells you and double check every figure, we ended up paying him what he asked, not because we thought he was right 9which we still don’t) but because we were scared that he would destroy our images, and or later on our albums and to be honest, we just didn’t want to deal with him anymore.

    If I did it all again I would definitely use a different photographer.