– Moving is the Best Medicine

Having osteoarthritis does not mean you have to sit on the sidelines. Visit for fantastic resources, including a tool for assessing your osteoarthritis risk, community support forums, and a local events calendar.

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“Moving is the Best Medicine” for Arthritis

The Arthritis Foundation and the Ad Council’s Moving is the Best Medicine campaign shows us that simply moving may provide some help for those living with or at risk for osteoarthritis.

Arthritis is the number one cause of disability in this country. You probably know someone who has arthritis, or maybe you are one of 46 million people who are living with this life-altering condition. There is no cure or definitive cause, but we do know that there are some simple ways to prevent and reduce the pain of osteoarthritis. After all, osteoarthritis is NOT inevitable.

This short and very entertaining public service advertisement from the Arthritis Foundation and the Ad Council aims to teach us that simple lifestyle changes is all it takes to reduce the risk of and decrease the pain of osteoarthritis:

Let’s make a conscious effort to better our health and spread the message of movement. Take a daily walk, try yoga or tai chi, do some gardening, take the stairs instead of the elevator, maybe even dance. Don’t be afraid to get your groove on, it’s good for you!

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