Find You Friends with Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites of all times. Here is a brief review of functionality of this social networking website.

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What Is Facebook?

Facebook  is the most popular social networking site on the Internet. It is so wide spread that even mobile phones and mobile network operators include “Facebook Features” into handsets and phone software. allows people to create a profile that includes some personal information about that person, such as name, date of birth, past education and so on. Since so many people are a part of this network, it becomes very easy to find your old friends, even those whom you haven’t seen for many years. Once your friends are added to your network, you can post a message on your “wall” and all your connected friends are able to see it, reply to it, upload photos and so on. If you ever felt uncomfortable communicating with your friends in the past, now, the Internet and provides that “behind the screen” protection. You can chat however you want and no-one will see you blushing.

Why Use Facebook?

Why use Facebook? Because everybody else does. It looks like it’s only a matter of time before everybody else is going to join this social networking site. And when it happens, it’ll be interesting to see what happens then.

Facebook Login

Facebook LoginEarlier this year Facebook Login started to support OpenID. There are more and more companies announcing support for OpenID – an option allowing using credentials from any one of services supporting the system to register and login to third-party websites. Facebook Login is now a part of it, which is good news. It’s one password less to remember!

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The review "Find You Friends with Facebook" was last updated on 20/04/2015.

  • M.Soniya Angelin


  • Ulti Yakson.

    I set my net spreaded to catch both new & old friends on earth.



    It gives me my old friends back so i love facebook……

  • fitsum tadesse

    i communicate with friends all over the world

  • fitsum tadesse

    i like to share life experience with friends all over the world with

  • fitsum tadesse

    i like to read political magazine,listening music,watching films,doing sports specially martial art,i like to share life experience with friends all over the world.

  • tigist

    it is not acomment but iwant know how to use facebook and comminicate with my friends

  • akbar nezrab

    Good I love it!!



  • Chris

    Yes, I agree with you.
    Facebook is great social networking for finding new and old friends.

  • pratiksha bhatta

    im a student……….

  • brine rusike

    i managed to be in touch with all my relatives and friends thu out the entire world. i do appreciate that.

  • Aloo Fanibanda

    Facebook is very good site. connecting with the people all over the world. Sharing photos & opinion with people.

  • For friends and business.

  • Feride Erkilic

    My friends have been looking for me on facebook.

  • Sharon Sheppard

    Good way to catch up with friends

  • Flonicah

    Learnt more eg news and people around the world.

  • I think FB is best.

  • Apotheken

    Yes every person is in facebook

  • how does one join up?

  • Yea, according to me, FB will exist in a long time,,

  • True… but that’s not always a good thing lol.

  • Facebook will find you every single person you had in mind in the last twenty years. =)

  • This is really true, everyone is on FB now! But jason is right, they also has some serious privacy issues, and you don’t even need to be a hacker to get all the info, Facebook gives it away willingly. And the fact that by “liking” an extern website they get the permission to post in your newsfeed ist really, really scary!

  • kheereh

    need to fine my good friend

  • Debbie Smith

    I’m trying to find my friend Vicki Reid she was in the same year i was at Coolah central school in 1979 so if anyone can help me out that would be good . and im trying to found another friend Jackie Kilgour she was at Coolah central as will when she move to Tamworth with her family so if anyingone can hlep me thank you

  • Just start with Facebook. Once you find a few old mates then look through their friends list and your list will grow so much that one day you will have to “friend cull”. 🙂

  • mr peter bessenyei

    want to find old school mates.HOW ?

  • mr peter bessenyei

    i want to look/find old high school mates but CARNT FIND THE APPROPATE SIGHT pleaseHELP THANKS Mr P.BESSENYEI

  • sadiq aliyu hassan

    i love facebook becouse you can get freinds and you can took with your freinds at any time thank you

  • An interesting article on just how big Facebook has become. It’s home page had as many hits as Google a few weeks ago.

  • skye barrett

    i wrote all of the skye comments ubove i forgot to add my last name ha ha ha i am so an idiot im only joking

  • skye

    facebook is a really fun thing to go on when you want to talk to your friends that you have added and it is also the thing i go on most ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha i love face book lol means laugh out loud lol wicked

  • skye

    if you ask me i love facebook because you get to talk to your friends that you are not talking to face to face its also fun because of the games lie ice tower my friend rebecca is a really good friend she is always there anyways i love face book.

    lol love skye

  • Facebook is the best thing on the social networking scene after Friendster. I had a few high school friends who I got in touch with again because of Facebook. Last time I talked to them was like 8-10 years ago.

  • Richard Walo

    Fair enough and seems very interesting knowing pepole you really don’t know

  • daryl ammon-mackey

    the facebook team send me an email to my address.but when i try to log in it does not accsept my email address.can,t resign because my address is all ready recognised. thanks facebook

  • Patricia Kennedy

    Facebook continually does not recognise my site.
    I have confirmed my address dozens of times and put in
    new passwords but have no success.
    Why is this?

  • martie judeel

    cant get into fb. keeps directing me to other facebook articles, want the facebook where i can chat & share

  • Santosh

    Facebook is actually for business or advertising purpose. it is a place where you can advertise your sites, products or yourself and nothing other to do there. Bigger number of Friends means Advertising high, lesser is less/.

  • I just came across this Gigya – – common login system. There are plugins available for WP, Blogger etc. and you can use your old facebook login or other details to login to your blog etc. Looks very good.

  • florence innes

    cant get onto my farm

  • florence innes

    want to get on to

  • jacqui grandemange

    I would like to know how i can ask someone to be my friend on F.B. when all I have is their name, I know that they have a f.b. account and they have agreed via be my friend, but I can’t work out how to make the contact, can anyone help me?

  • davood

    I love links to your websites

  • Vincent Xuereb

    Hi PPl, If we have so much trouble here.
    Why dont we take our business somewhere Else.
    A more user friendly one.
    What do you think?

  • Vincent Xuereb

    cant sign in

  • Xena

    Did you try to login at or sign up for an account?

  • can someone tell me how i can get on facebook?

  • Joerg Bronski

    I think that Facebook took a very clever position re openID thingy. It’s very strategic. when you think about it, there are probably more people out there who understand “Connect with Facebook” button rather than “connect with OpenID”. I wonder if they are no a mission to conquer the world with their login functionality.

  • i am trying to login and the system is saying NOT ALLOWED BETWEEN 8AM AND 5PM even at anytime of the day.wat do i do guys

  • Elaine Chapman

    I have tried to log in on facebook and it won;t take my e-mail or my password. I used it before and it was fine, and now it won’t take it. What am I doing wrong?

    Elaine Chapman

  • particles

    I agree with pThomas and Jual Ruko. One of Excess open ID is easier to remember then multiple account but it has a problem when people hack your user ID and password.

  • Ned Brown

    Is there a way to get Facebook to keep me logged in at all times?

  • Stuard M

    I’m not sure what’s the deal there, but I don’t think that Facebook will allow openID to be a login options. This would open the door to their potential competitors. I think they got the strategy right. They let people use their login details to connect to other sites, but not logins from other sites to connect to facebook.

  • People can be addict to use facebook.
    i disagree with pThomas ,Login facebook can be one action if you mark remember password and keep login.
    people change her password and username they change it to avoid from hackers.

  • Monica Palin

    Surely not everyone is on the Internet. What people use if they are not on facebook, twitter or google?

  • John D

    @pThomas – yeah, that would be good. I think MS Passport tried to achieve something like that, but this idea coming from the big MS didn’t help. It looks like OpenID is gaining some following now, which is good. I come across more and more sites using integrating it into their login systems. Hopefully facebook login will follow..

  • i would also like to see the social sites consilidate behind an unified login system. i’m tired of all the passwords and usernames and it would be way cool to change all social site login passwords with only one action at openid.

  • Masha Rybnik

    openid and facebook? That would be nice. It would be nice if they allowed you to login with blogger username..

  • John D

    Bob – you probably need to make sure that your computer cookies are enabled. Are you on a PC or Mac?

  • Bob Little

    Facebook keep on loggin me out. Is there a way to login and force the system to keep you logged in?

  • Sonia Frau

    Nau Zing – there is nothing wrong with people asking to be your friend. And you can always click the No button or just ignore them.

  • Nau Zing

    Yeah, I agree – facebook is everywhere. What greatly annoys me though is that as soon as you login to Facebook you get dozens of people asking you to be their friends! Some of them you don’t even know! and others I don’t want to be friends with, and if we met in person, we’d never talk! So, is it bad or is it good? I don’t know.

  • Chris Long

    I don’t seem to find facebook login with openID. Even though OpenID people mention that Facebook joined ( this functionality is not on the facebook login page.

    Is that the same as facebook connect? You can definitely login to other sites like Digg etc. with Facebook credentials, but Not the other way around?