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Brisbane based designer and manufacturer, Entia Jewellery (www.entia.com.au) is Australia’s finest collection of contemporary sterling silver and natural stone jewellery.

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Contemporary Handmade Silver & Stone Jewellery – Australian Designed and Inspired

Brisbane based designer and manufacturer, Entia Jewellery is Australia’s finest collection of contemporary sterling silver and natural stone jewellery.

With a rapidly growing list of stockists, the designers at Entia have created a stylish brand of handmade jewellery, inspired by the myriad of colours and textures found in stones and the natural world.

Entia Jewellery showcases over 100 varieties of gems and stones, sourced from Australia and beyond.

In today’s world of mass-produced jewellery, Entia takes pride in showcasing a unique range of one-off pieces and small exclusive collections, with each design encompassing its own stories and origins.

Each gemstone featured has been hand-selected and in some cases even hand-collected from remote travels in the Australian outback.  From well known stones such as Turquoise, Aquamarine and Amethyst to exotic and rare gems such as Tourmaline, Sugilite and Australian Kyanite, Entia Jewellery celebrates an incredible range of colourful, natural stones.

These beautiful stones are then set into the finest quality 925 sterling silver, featuring a wide range of styles and textures, ranging from simple and modern to exotic. From bold and funk solid silver rings, to elegant earrings and 3 stone pendants, Entia Jewellery has created something for all tastes.

Looking for something unique to wear or a special gift to give that has designed and inspired here in Australia? Visit www.entia.com.au to learn more. (Author: Patrick Gundersen).

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