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The service offered by provides a great opportunity to setup an ecommerce shopping card website.

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Turn Key Ecommerce Website
Location: Australia

A Turn-key eCommerce Solution

When you own a website or if you just own a business you will want to make the most of it. This is why you should look for a turn-key eCommerce solution that will help you to make more sales online like eCorner. When you want to get customers to buy products from you, you should have shopping cart capabilities and be able to make sales directly online.

This is an ideal commerce solution when you want to have a catalogue and be able to sell things online. You can choose from various packages that will allow you a simple catalogue up to a full 5000 product list merchant package.

The prices for these solutions are very affordable and give you all the ease and simplicity to have your own online shop. These hosted ecommerce stores provide a lot of features that you can use. You will get an eCommerce enabled website that is hosted, data usage, the ability to take credit card payments, SEO for web promotion, CMS and management tools built in, a shipping cost calculator, and the fully integrated shopping cart. You also get online marketing newsletters, secure payment gateways, a monthly fee, free setup, and integration of the portal to stores like eBay.

All these features are perfect for those wanting to have an easy time when they create an online store. This company enables you to do everything from one place so that you don’t have to find a hosting company, find a website designer, and then find a separate eCommerce solution.

With all the tools and features that you also get this company is ideal to use. You can also get a free trial so that you can take full advantage of this turn-key eCommerce option and make a huge success of your business.

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