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When buying a car it is important to conduct a proper research to make sure that you get a good deal for money. Visit reviews page at Drive website ( for latest car reviews.

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Many times when a consumer is faced with purchasing a car from today’s market, they will go out of their way to read up on car reviews about that particular model of car. Consumers will be pleased to know that provides information on the price of the car, the safety ratings, road tests, consumer ratings, how the car drives, features that might come with the car, and the availability of that model of car in their area. Many consumers first make a list of the most important things they need, or are looking for in that car. This may include warranties, fuel efficiency, special needs features, typical use of the car, standard features and upgrading availability and resell or trade-in value on the car.

Finding Your Dream Car consumers will begin their search on the car that they are interested in by reading sales ads in newspapers, and checking out dealerships near them that carry the model of car they are looking for. There are car sales websites, such as www. that provide pictures, prices, and model information on cars they are offering for sale. Making appointments to see these cars at the dealerships can be simply done by email or by telephone. Consumers will want to combine information into a comprehensible checklist they can take with them when they set off to make that car purchase. This means a thoroughly researched list should include consumer car reviews and consumer insurance quotes and reviews.
Consumers should thoroughly make good use of all other venues in conjunction with dealerships information on the car they interested in purchasing.

Consumer Cars Ratings - Consumer Car RatingsThere are two main ways to obtain consumer ratings on just about anything marketable under the sun. There are consumer rating magazines that a consumer can browse through for ratings that pertain to automobiles. These magazines not only inform consumers about updated information on cars ratings on, car safety, driving, style, models, interiors and exteriors, road tests, affordability, but also rate each car against others. Consumer rating magazines buy their products and do independent testing on those products for unbiased reviews for consumers. This allows the consumer to be well informed about a product they are in the market to buy, and what to expect from that product once they have purchased it. Consumer car reviews are extremely helpful in this area.

The Internet is another source of venue that provides consumers with a wealth of knowledge on car reviews. There are numerous consumer report websites and consumer automobile websites that provide all the information that the consumer will need to know about a car they are looking buying. Make sure you check www. and www. if you are in Australia.

Consumers also are wise to check out insurance quotes on the car. Consumer insurance reports are good resources for this information. Again, this information can be found in magazines and on the Internet. Only when the consumer has gathered information on the car of their choice, from dealership advertisements from the web and sales papers, consumer reports, and consumer insurance quotes and ratings, should they make that all important car purchase.

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  • Hi Jason,

    Well I’d say the main differences are that has more cars, but doesn’t tell you who the dealer is. will at the very least give you a phone number, if not the dealers name. Both can be searched by location.

    Both sites have their advantages, which is why most dealerships advertise their cars on both!

    P.S. The reviews are great! I’m also a big fan of the go-auto reviews

  • Jason C

    How is different from that carsales website they advertise everywhere?

  • Don Three

    Five stars? Just found one. Some P-plater gave 5 stars in all categories to his BMW 3: “Since this is my first car and my first BMW I have to say it has quite a hold on me”

  • Nina Brams

    Interesting – none of their review get 5 stars! I wonder what it takes for a car to get all 5 stars in a review?

  • George Sun

    I like the reviews section on – I think it’s one of the best features of that website. At least, after you read it, you’ll know what questions to ask at a car dealer.