Dick Smith Online Store

Shop Online with Dick Smith and Talk to the Techxperts. Their website (www.dse.com.au) offers fast, secure and convenient shopping with the latest products and hottest deals across a wide range of Laptops, Computers, LCD/Plasma/LED TVs, Digital Cameras, Navigation, Gaming, Mobile Phones and accessories.

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DSE.com.au – Dick Smith Online Store

Dick Smith (www. dse.com.au) is a leading retailer of the latest technology products, from computers, to navigation, mobile phones, gaming, home entertainment and more. Dick Smith has 433 retail stores in Australia and New Zealand and carries more than 30,000 products across its range. Dick Smith is a trading division of Woolworths Limited. The Dick Smith team has been Talking Technology for more than 40 years. Its friendly team of Techxperts can provide expert advice and commentary on the latest technology in any of the following areas.

The website dse.com.au acts as a tool for all shoppers to search and buy from the up-to-date product range facility, which comprises of more than 30,000 products. Through the website you can view your wholesale prices as well as retail prices, search for a product and even order online 24 hours a day, 7 day a week. The products will be delivered to you or direct to your customer. The delivery service is prompt and the product will be delivered anywhere in Australia.

Talk to the Techxperts

At Dick Smith, you can get the right advice by Talking to the Techxperts. You are offered the best quality brands, delivering the best solution to your needs. The company promises to refund the product within 14 days of purchase date, if you find a similar product with a lower price. But in order to qualify for the refund, you need to meet certain basic criteria of the company.

The new Dick Smith format is designed to be more inviting for customers and it’s an exciting phase in the long and successful history of the company. The new stores are slicker, more streamlined and interactive for customers. Walls are lined with widescreen TV’S and mobile phones and shelves are stacked with the latest computers, laptops, gaming devices, digital music players and digital imaging equipment. Also, as a commercial wholesale customer, you can take advantage of commercial wholesale pricing, lower competitive prices and a dedicated account manager who will provide a single point of contact to respond to your requirements.

Dick Smith Electronics website can be accessed with both www. dicksmithelectronics.com.au and www.dse.com.au domains.

Dick Smith Catalogue

Dick Smiths product catalogue can be accessed online at http://catalogues.dse.com.au/portal/ and represents an online version of a printed catalogue.

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The review "Dick Smith Online Store" was last updated on 18/04/2015.

  • Dean

    Dick smith online catalogue – here http://catalogues.dicksmith.com.au/home.html
    Love this store. It gets my 5 out of 5 vote.

  • John D

    There seem to be no recent catalogues available. Online shopping can be accessed directly from http://dicksmith.com.au/

  • reginald hiscock

    Dissappointed that I could not find your online shopping area. Very frustrating.

  • irene bennett

    I have checked with the internet for the availability of ereaders and found advertisement (on line) the Kindle Wi-fi my friend and I have been wanting to buy. It has also been advertised on TV, I believe on SBS.

    After travelling to your Glendale store, some 30-40 klms away I was informed that there is non is stock anywhere.

    I am 74 years of age, my friend is 81 and we do not appreciate being sent on a ‘wild goose chase’ due to what we consider false advertising.

    I can still purchase this item from the internet but it is not hard to see why more people are shopping this way when they are treated in such an ‘off handed’ manner. we came with cash in hand, now we will have the follow the rest of Australia and shop on line.

    Irene Bennett

  • miguel a ponte

    attention hobart office(tasmania).
    the ATTENTION factor in my dealings(: couple of thousand $”S!!! ) over the last 2 weeks @ the Hobart main shop, is PLAINLY BELLOW 3RD WORLD STANDARDS…
    i have been supporting DICK SMITH RETAIL since the 1rst Melbourne branch opened . & over the rest of this marvellous continent ever since.
    “” what;s going on with training of perfectly good YOUNG MINDS ??? “” management :”PREASE CONSIDER!!!”
    N* 0402406787.

  • Simon

    I absolutely hate online shopping with DSE, I am disappointed in there delivery service and customer service. I have not received my invoice for my order. When I called them to find how long the delivery might take, the person said time and hung up. I work for woolworths limited (Owns dick smith) and I am never going to shop there.

  • I pick up the odd bit of stock from DSE every now and then and the website is good but I wouldn’t trust the “Store Availability” tab. I’ve been caught out a few times with them not actually having the stock on hand. I’ve reverted back to the 20th century approach and ring before leaving.

  • I have visited the site and all I can say is that a great level of planning was involved in coming up with this site. The website was easy to navigate not to mention that it’s neat, visually pleasant and professional.

  • I totally dig their website. Images of the products they’re selling are quite well done. Buy decisions are greatly influenced by the visual appeal of a product and if the price is right, it is converted to a sale. I have relatives down under who are big fans of this site.

  • This site has a nice look to it. Sometimes that can make all the difference. I had never heard of Dick Smiths before I read this -thanks!

  • I really think that whitin the next few years, more and more deals will be closed via Ecommerce site. Still it requires much involvment to succeed. it is best to know how to propagade social networks at your area and get the best reviews from shoppers show that you shop will be there. Above the rest.

  • If I may add that having an online catalog allows you to compare your target product with that of another brand. Not only do you have access to price comparisons but product details or specifications of the item is within reach and is just a mouse click away. If you want to read more about the product, some online stores have links that will point you to the product manufacturer’s website. As per Dick Smith’s Online store, what I like about the product page is that they also give you a clue on what other customers have bought in relation to the product that you are currently considering with their “Customers also bought” feature.

  • I totally agree with Richard. I have made several online purchases this past year and those user reviews really made a difference in my decision to buy or not buy a product. In one situation, I felt the reviews really help me avoid potential headaches for the product that I was about to buy. The feedback on the underlying problem of the product (consumer electronic) and how customer service took care of the issue dissuaded me from purchasing. Good thing I took the time to read the reviews else I have to deal with the pain of making a wrong purchase decision.

  • Richard

    While shopping in-store is good, online shopping provides access to user reviews. I think it’s one of the best features of online shopping – to read about what other people think about products.

  • I think it’s important for companies like Dick Smith to have online catalogs. Not everyone has a store close enough to get to but still need the products. They are going to shop online and will buy from someone. If they are familiar with dick Smith, they will likely go there first. If there is not an option to buy online, they will just go to the competition.

  • Maybe I am old fashioned but I prefer to shop in a physical store. The one good feature they have is the ability to see stock levels online and which stores have stock remaining.

  • Dick

    I like the way shops have their catalogues online now. It’s so much more useful and there is no excessive waste of paper!