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Keep your internet bookmarks online with and you'll be able to use them anywhere in the world and share them with others in your social network.

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The social bookmarking means tagging and bookmarking your personal favourites. It’s different from bookmarked website in your browser. The difference is the social element. You are actually not only bookmarking these websites but you are sharing your bookmarks with the rest of the network. This means that they will be visible to other users. Sometimes the visibility may differ depending upon the privacy settings set by you and the model of the network that you are using for the social bookmarking. Some of the networks will make your bookmarks public and others will limit the visibility and access to your network only. You can also play a little with these settings.

One of the most popular sites is, or It’s great because you can access your details from any computer which is connected to the internet. All you will need is to sign in to the network with your own password and the username. Once you have signed in, you will see the same account and the same bookmarks that you have been seeing on your home computer. This is because they are not stored on your computer – they are stored on a server which is maintained and kept alive by the social bookmarking website. This means that you can access the bookmarks from anywhere around the world and from any computer of your liking.

Sharing is the greatest feature of the social networking. You share your bookmarks with the others and in return you get to see theirs. This helps you to discover the wonderful websites. Sometimes we come across the very best and very useful websites through this social feature. You also see the interests of the other persons and according to that you can find the websites which are covered by that interest. This means that every member of such network has a kind of personal playlist of the top websites.

The social bookmarking is not only a blessing for the online marketers, but it also serves as a magic tool for all the internet users who are looking to find the great websites without having to search for them a lot.

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