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Online shopping at its best from Deals Direct — Australia's online shopping department store. Here you will find many bargains for discount electronics, appliances, MP3 players and much more.

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DealsDirect Online Shopping

Deals Direct started as a retail domain on eBay under the name of Auctionbrokers Australia. However, in 2005 it expanded into an online shopping centre soon becoming Australia’s topmost online department store. Being fully owned and run by Australians, the website is stationed in Sydney. It offers more than 5000 products ranging from toys to electronic goods and even household articles, with different kinds of bargains and discounts to its users.

Deals DirectThe main aim of the website is to offer great deals to wide range of customers within their individual budget limits. The success of the website can be ascertained from the fact that it has thousands of happy customers all across Australia. The website is accessible 24 hours a day for seven days a week, and almost 95%of the orders are dispatched within 24 hours of order placement.

The website www.dealsdirect.com.au has won numerous awards for its excellent service and its increasing popularity is making the website offer even a wider range of products to its customers at better bargains. To help serve its customers in a better manner, dealsdirect.com.au offers outstanding customer service, whose main aim is to keep the customers happy. The website also ensures to keep its customer facilities up to date to ensure that their customers have a satisfactory and fun filled experience while shopping online. In case of any issues, the customers can also contact the Customer Help Centre for assistance at any time.

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The review "Where to Get Online Bargains" was last updated on 18/04/2015.

  • John D

    Thanks. Fixed.

  • naofalo

    “Online shopping at it’s best from Deals Direct”

    It should be “its” instead of “it’s”. Learn how to write.

  • brooke qld 2011

    i bought a pc from deals direct. it did not work ,it did not even turn on, when i mailed them telling them of this i got the run around than was told to go and sign up to another website and tell them about it. i said i wanted to deal with the place i bought the item i was abused and finally when i got a return mail the man in live chat i talked to *brad* told me they had to send the pc away to be tested at the manufacture before i get a refund in case i split coffee on it or soemthing. i have never been so insulted by someone he was extremely rude and atm i am not even sure if i will get my money back because they have stuffed me around so much i really do not trust them. i will never shop at deals direct again. i was a regular customer. alot of the items were pretty poor quality. but i enjoy spending money on gadgets even tho they break fast. we had a chair we bought break under my husbands weight he is only 68 kg. he now has a bad back from this. be aware when buying things like chairs etc to.. they are ok if something does not go wrong.. if something does tho their customer service is bad. and you will get the run around. and its just not worth it. look up reviews im not the only one who had had heaps of problems with them. they use to once be a ok site. now they do not care about their customers. they have lost any money i would have spent in the future.. and anyone i manage to inform about what they are like, i hope you really think long and hard before shopping with them.

  • Jammit

    I have had an absolute gutful of Dealsdirect.

    Prices are not brilliant – many other vendors are more competitive, and the competitors specials and discounts more so. In fact the prices tend to be better even at the bricks and mortar stores.

    For an online drop shipper of frequently bottom dollar imports – their markups are excessive.

    “LIVE CHAT” is not – it just diverts to the usual cesspit database.

    The usual reason for wanting live chat, is their product descriptions tend to be piss poor descriptions by the technically illiterate, lazy and clueless.

    Their email “Deals Direct Daily Specials” or “Daily Newsletter” is becoming less and less relevant and more like spamming for penis pills.

    Instead of say ONE useful email per week, they send 2 or 3 emails a day, 7 days a week – it’s getting irritating.

    What makes it worse is the fact that they are “Fractionalising” their emails – by sending an email that say has, electronics, computers, tools etc., with the links to some of the items and those product groups – and the next emails will contain “SPECIALS ON ELECTRONICS’ and the next email will contain “SPECIALS ON COMPUTERS” or “SPECIALS ON TOOLS”…. etc.

    They and their bullshit daily specials spam campaign have become….

    It’s just beyond belief…….

    Aldi send ONE decent email a week… and that is it.

    Deals Direct seem to think that I have the time to read several of their emails a day…. Junk Mailers… not spammers.. Junk Mailers.

    Deals Direct are Junk Mailers.

    Where exactly do they get off? I have complained that their incessant junk mailer campaign is just going too far and they of course keep right on doing it.

    I’d consider looking at ONE or so emails a week… but not nearly 20 emails a week.

  • Wow, this really is great! I was planning to buy a digital camera and your review here has saved me some money indeed!
    I will recommend this to my friends too – they will be delighted 😛

  • BJ

    Oh, yeah! Dealsdirect is great for christmas presents! You can save tons of money just by buying stuff online!