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Credit Card Finder is an Australian service for comparing credit cards and financial products available to Australian consumers.

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A lot of finance conscious Australians would be familiar with today’s Credit Card Finder website. After all, the site, born from a bolt of genius back in 2006 has certainly made waves around the country since its early days. Today, Credit Card Finder is one of the most trusted online resources for information about credit cards for Australian consumers.

Early Days

When Credit Card Finder first opened its doors, no one knew what was to come years down the road, certainly not its founders. Born from the idea to provide Aussies with a comprehensive resource about credit cards, the site was founded to close a gap in the market. The rest, as they say is history.

CCF’s Creed – Inform, Empower

Credit Card Finder’s creed is to empower its readers by informing them about the latest credit card trends, releases, news, issues, and anything else related to credit cards. In the few short years since its inception the site has certainly made waves, both with the Australian public, and the media.

The Site’s Proudest Achievements To-Date

Running on adrenalin, Credit Card Finder is powered by a tight-knit group of staff who offer the reader 100% free, up-to-date information on the Australian credit card scene. Owned by a group of very smart Australian entrepreneurs, Credit Card Finder has managed to build a valuable and respected brand in the local community.

Their featured media exposure has been numerous over the years. Below are some of their recent achievements:

  • Sky News Feature – Credit Card Finder received over 3000 entries for their popular iPhone Survey. As a result it was picked up by Sky News.
  • Today/Tonight Interview – Popular news show Today/Tonight interviewed Credit Card Finder for some views of the market, and received some key tips for credit card users including the staff’s favourite credit cards.
  • More exposure in the Sun Herald.

Have Confidence – Visit Credit Card Finder Today

Credit Card Finder is intelligently structured so that readers can find information relatively fast. When you visit the site, the first thing that attracts your attention is the card types overview on their home page. They made it easy to find relevant credit cards fast with a few simple clicks of your mouse.

There is also a handy comparison chart right on the front page about the top credit cards, rated for their usability, low cost, and features. If you are looking for information about a specific credit card, you will find it fast by visiting the site.

Personal Favourites

Some of their best work is listed below:

  • A Handy Rewards Program Point Comparison – an in-depth comparison of rewards points programs available with Australian rewards credit cards.
  • Guide to Credit Ratings – In the past four years, Credit Card Finder received a number of questions about credit card related issues and questions. One of the most popular questions of recent times are those about credit ratings and the credit file – and thus, they have composed their own Guide with information straight from
  • Australian Consumer Credit Card & Banking Survey 2009 – is an in-depth analysis of responses collected from the site’s survey of over 4,000 Australian credit card users.

The Future of Credit Card Finder

Judging by the past successes of the site, Credit Card Finder is set to dominate the Australian credit card market in the future. As more and more lenders compete for the business of Australian consumers, CCF staff will continue to report on new releases, compare offers, and generally try to help you understand the market so that you can make informed decisions.

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