Confluence and JIRA on Amazon EC2

Confluence and JIRA can be easily setup on Amazon Web Services - EC2. Confluence and JIRA are software products from Atlassian - an Australian software company. Confluence is an enterprize WIKI and JIRA is used for bug and issue tracking.

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Confluence Jira Amazon

Confluence and JIRA on Amazon EC2

Atlassian run a “stimulus” package where they offered Confluence and Jira 5-user licenses for $5 each! A word pread around very quickly and this was an opportunity too good to miss. I’ve tried a number of WIKI’s in the past, but never quite found what I liked. I heard other companies using Confluence, but the price tag was too large for a small company to afford. So, this is a good chance to try it out, and start using it!

Installing and setting up Confluence seemed like quite a job and I was more than pleased to come across a blog post on how to setup Confluence on Amazon EC2 service. I went a head and created an account with Amazon web services and followed the instructions to install Confluence and JIRA. The whole process took about 10 mins or so, and I was up and running!


I got a dynamic IP from Amazon EC2, but if the testing goes well and we decide to stick with Confluence and JIRA, there is always a way to assign a dynDNS service or a static IP to this installation.

I’m planning to use JIRA for project management and issue tracking and Confluence as an ideas and content management. If it all goes well, we’ll install it on a local server in Australia for faster acccess and ping times.

Confluence and JIRA on iPhone

Both Confluence and Jira can be used with iPhone – another great reason to try it out! See Confluence on iPhone and  JIRA on iPhone.

Confluence Plugins – Office Connector

The next thing would be to utilize Office Connector for Confluence, that allows you to create documents in Office products, (e.g, Word) and then send it to Confluence without loosing any formatting.


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