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CommSec ( is one of the most popular and widely used online share trading platforms in Australia.

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Online Share Trading Platform

There are many companies that offer online share trading facilities. In Australia it is worth checking ComSec, Bell Direct and E*Trade. Both allow users to join online and start trading as soon as the sign up data verified by mail.

ComSec (or CommSec) is a brand name for Commonwealth Securities Ltd, the share trading division of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.  ComSec account comes with two bank accounts – one for share trading and another for cash management purposes, with a high interest rate – all accessible from The bank provides a free charge card to have immediate access to funds. The facility provides market research functionality online, including market watch, historical graphs and access to companies’ stock market announcements.

ComSec Charges

The minimum trading amount is $500 + $19.95 brokerage fee charged when you buy or sell shares.Trading can be done through a secure website, over the phone or using a specially created iPhone application that offers full functionality of online trading, anywhere you have access to mobile internet network.

For beginners, share trading can be an overwhelming experience, but the right tools make the journey so much easier and so much more enjoyable.

iPhone Trading Platform iPhoneOn CommSec iPhone Edition you can:

  • Check the latest market movements
  • View your holdings
  • View the latest stock prices
  • View company details, news, announcements and charts
  • View the Daily Stock Market Report
  • View your Watchlists
  • View your outstanding, executed and cancelled orders
  • Buy and sell stocks
  • View market depth

You may also like to read about CommSec Direct Funds. For any other information, contact your accountant, visit CommSec’s website or use the contact details provided below.

Commonwealth Securities can be contacted on
Address: Locked Bag 22 Australia Square NSW 1215
Phone: 13 15 19 or +61 2 8223 7014 and
Email: [email protected]

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The review " – Online Share Trading" was last updated on 17/04/2015.

  • William

    Finally commsec updated their graphs. It’s not much faster and more interactive.

  • Stan Bathgate

    Non. I wish to sell some shares that I have had for sometime. Please advie me how to go about it.
    at your earliest time.

  • comsec guru

    Has comsec updated their graphs yet to be more like google finance style type of financial charts?

  • Commsec User

    Has anybody tried comsec’s iPhone application? I’m thinking to get the iPhone just for that… Is it worth it? Can you see the stock graphs etc?

  • GM

    I like to charge credit card that I got with my commsec account. it hooks up to the cash account and can be used as a credit card to access my commsec funds. A nice addition.

  • Rob

    I agree with Bob – comsec graphs could be much better and more dynamic and up to date.

  • Rob

    I would definitely recommend www. for new users. Comsec fees are quite reasonable and the interface is pretty good.

  • IIDD

    How many of you have actually doing research before buying shares?

  • Mark D

    I agree about the graphs. they could definitely be better. Maybe something like what Google Finance or Macquarie Edge is doing.

  • Bob

    Comsec online trading is good, however, their graphs really suck. Surely they would offere something more up to date and more dynamic. ALso, their stock market ASX company releases seem to be late sometimes. I normally watch ASX website directly and then compare and do more research with comsec.

  • Nova

    I use too. It’s good to know that you’re dealing with a stable organisation when trading shares, since commsec is a part of the commonwealth bank here in Australia.

  • Mel Camp

    Yep. same here. Commsec it is. However, they could do a better job with the graphs and ASX releases that are presented once you login..

  • Bob J

    I use comsec. I haven’t tried the iPhone comsec application yet, but it’s on my list.
    I prefer to stay with a reliable and stable share broker, than going with someone else, not really knowing who.