Community Courses from Kangan Institute

Enroll yourself in a aged care, youth work, disability or a community services course at Kangan Institute.

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Community Courses at Kangan Institute

Working in the community can be challenging as a career, but it is incredibly rewarding too. This is why it’s important to have the right qualifications, knowledge and experience to be able to cope with the challenges and reap the rewards it can offer. With plenty of different aspects to specialize in, from working with young people, through to caring for the elderly, you can make a difference.

The Kangan Institute offers a comprehensive range of community courses, which provide individuals with the right levels of qualifications to pursue their career choice.

What community course to choose

For those looking for a career in the youth community, the Certificate IV in Youth Work is a six-month full-time course, which is designed to equip students with the right knowledge to work in the youth sector as Youth Workers, Residential Housing Workers, Crisis Support Workers, Youth Recreation Workers, Juvenile Justice Workers and Support Workers. The course is a combination of class-room learning and workplace learning, which helps for a better understanding of young people and gives first-hand experience of communicating and working within the youth sector.

If you’re interested in working with the disabled, then there is the option to start your qualifications online or in the classroom. The Certificate IV in Disability courses are nationally recognized and are the standard industry qualifications required to work in the disability sector. They focus the course on improving disabled peoples’ quality of life and independence through community help. These courses are learning based, but also require 200 hours work placement as part of the assessment, which Kangan Institute will help arrange.

Finding the perfect course for you

The Diploma of Community Services Work is an essential qualification for those working in the community. This one year course is designed to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to become social welfare officers in the community. Through combined classroom and work-place study you learn about the impact of social structures and individual awareness on a community. As well as gain a better understanding of human rights, indigenous culture, cultural inclusion and how to deal with these issues effectively.

The Certificate III of Aged Care and The Certificate III of Home and Community Care offers those with a passion for caring for people the ideal learning environment. The twelve-week Aged Care course can be taken as a stand-alone course, and focuses on translating the passion for elderly care into skills that will help provide better care for the elderly. This involves supporting people with dementia, assisting clients with medication and palliative care services. To further your qualifications you can also enrol in the Home and Community Care course, which can expand your career opportunities and skills to working with the disabled and various home and community care environments.

Whatever your choice of community work career, it’s clear that the Kangan Institute have the right choice of courses that allow students to earn the right qualifications needed to achieve their personal and working goals.

Most of the programmes can be completed as full or part-time courses, which gives the students flexibility to work around other commitments they may have. The range of courses is inclusive of all aspects of community work, giving people the means to specialize in specific areas, rather than gaining broad qualifications that may not always be relevant to their specific field. Plus, it’s straightforward to apply too, with an online application form.

Completing one of the Community Work courses is a step in the right direction to your dream job, with great rewards; making a difference in your community every day.


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