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Computers and the Internet as not as environmentally clean as commonly perceived. Visit for information on what you can do to compensate for the CO2 emissions that are caused by websites' usage.

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CO2 Neutral Website

The website CO2 is initiated with the intention of voluntarily removing internet related CO2 emission. When the internet is used, we consume power. Power is consumed by the servers for hosting websites. It is also consumed by the users (computer, monitors, modem etc). The production of power can be related to CO2 emission.

The CO2 neutral website is determined to increase the recognition of CO2 reductions and thereby allowing companies to take voluntarily action towards removing CO2 emission from the internet. The participating companies are encouraged to neutralize the use of their website 100%. It is understood that the internet in many ways is a good medium compared to the alternative. Without the internet, companies would have to entirely submit information by mail to their customers. But the use of internet is increasing and it certainly consuming more and more power. This has resulted into increased CO2 emission. Hence, the object of this voluntary climate project is to allow companies to neutralize the CO2 emission which is caused by the use of their website “CO2 neutral website” is also involved in projects of renewable energy. Example: mounting of wind turbines.

The CO2 emission by use of a website can be calculated based on the following criteria:

  1. Web server energy consumption.
  2. Energy consumption from transferring data from the server to the users.
  3. Energy consumption of the users of the website (computer, monitor, routers, modem etc.)

Companies who participate in the initiative will reduce CO2 emission by purchasing CO2 quotas (EUA, which is the EU’S approved standard. The CO2 quotas are purchased and transferred to an account in the quota register of state authorities in EU and are subsequently cleared and deleted.

The result of neutralizing CO2 emission is that each time the company’s website is visited by the user, it is done without straining the environment. All participants can use the icon of the initiative on their website. When visitors click the icon, the individual certificate of the participant appears. This is a proof of the participant having neutralized its CO2 emission. (Source:

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