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Club Penguin ( is an ad-free virtual world website where children can play game and interact with each other.

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Club Penguin is an ad-free virtual world website where children can play game and interact with each other. The website is really interesting because it is made by Disney Online Studios and the graphical interface of the website is very interesting that would attract a lot of children to play games and have fun. The website is very much for the kids because there are no advertisements on the site which would cause distraction to the kids. The website was developed in the year 2005 after which Club Penguin decided to join Walt Disney Company in order to provide more access to other resources and for future developments.

Being one of the rare websites for kids where there are no advertisements, www. has received a lot of appreciation from parents and grandparents because they are always concerned when their kids are playing games online on websites that are full of internet marketing ads and pornography. This website has been specially designed keeping in mind all the requirements and communications that a kid requires while he or she are playing their games and interacting with other.

If you are always concerned about what your child sees and listens to while he or she is playing games online than Club Penguin can really help you out because you can go for the membership and let you child play and interact with other kids on Club Penguin. The overall website layout and design is very simple so that your kid can browse through it easily. The use of the website is free, however you can activate extra features by making a small monthly or quarterly membership payment.

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  • Well I admit it… I quite enjoyed that.
    I’m not sure if it is still around but Disney did a game called Toontown which was great fun to play with the kids also.
    Edit : Found it.