Search for Flights and Cheap Dates for Fly

Google Flights – find the best flights and the cheapest dates to fly.

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Trying to find the best airfare and the cheapest day to fly? Save yourself some trouble and try Google Flights.

Unlike the rest of travel sites, overcrowded with promotion adds trying to sell you hotels, tours and all this other stuff you don’t need, Google Flights just does flights.

There is a world map on the first page and you can click on the city you’re traveling with, or enter the airport name, and immediately you’ll see a list of available flights in that direction, and a handy graph telling you when is the cheapest dates to fly.

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Selecting a flight opens up another page which displays information such as the aircraft type, on-board services, such as Wi-Fi or USB charge ports, and also the legroom between the seats.

flight info

Once you’re happy with your flights, you can book them through one of the selected provider, or remember the search and book the flights from the airlines directly.

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Information is power. Looking for good flight deals requires a bit of effort. And the search engine giant made it just a little bit easier.

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