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Buy an amazing product from for an incredibly marked down price. One new product for sale every 24 hours!

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www catchoftheday comau
Location: Australia

Where Can You Find Last Minute Deals?

The best way to save money and snare last minute deals is to shop online. CatchoftheDay is one of the most popular online stores in Australia. This store has something unique to offer every day. Every product is available for only 24 hours unless sold out prior.

The prices are more than affordable. Let’s see some statistics. CatchoftheDay managed to sell 1998 units of Asus EEE PC in less than 1 hour, 11, 340 units of Coin Counters in a full day and 7400 items in one hour. This online store provides exclusive deals for its members for just one day per deal.

Some of the deals are really good and postage is inexpensive. As a customer, you can find something completely different each day. Because there. ‘s only one item at a time it means you can buy it at quite a considerable discount.

CatchoftheDay offers a fun online shopping experience, amazing prices and a wide range of gifts. Customers can use PayPal to purchase products. The items ordered are delivered to customers within 2-3 weeks. To place an order, you have to be a registered member. The best part is that registration is free. Once registered, you can click on the BITE ME icon to add a product into your shopping cart.

What I like about this store is that you can save more than 60 per cent on practically everything. Feel free to buy clothing and beauty products, electronics, catalogues, laptops, notebooks, accessories and much more without spending a fortune!

Customers are allowed to return damaged, dead on arrival or faulty items. Those who want to purchase past products should take a look at the Catch-A-Thon and the Small Fish section, where they can find repeat deals. When multiple items are placed in the order during a sale where Combined Shipping is on offer, the shipping will work out cheaper than the advertised costs.

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The review " – Last Minute Deals" was last updated on 13/11/2009.

  • Mike Regan

    Bought what I thought was a brand new Navman GPS, and only found out 4 weeks later when it packed up that it was not new, but rather refurbished. When I went back to check it on the website, sure enough, in text you need a magnifying glass to read, and tucked away in a little corner, there it was… refurbished. That is a straight out deceiving attitude. If something is not new, like all things on their site is normally new, then they should have it in big red capital letters saying so. Well I spent about $700 in just over 5 months with them so far…but no more. Sooner or later they will run out of customers behaving like this. Took the tip and signed up with zazz, and already reaping the benefit of very low postage rates.