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The varieties of wine are beyond count. There are, however, three main great classes or divisions of wine, called table wines, sparkling wines and fortified wines. Sherry, port and Madeira are fortified wines. The table wines with as little as 8 per cent alcohol, the greater portion of which is inexpensive and thirst-quenching and known as vin ordinaire, is the daily beverage of the common people in most European countries. This accounts for as much as 80 per cent of the wine production. There is, however, a fair quantity of table wines that is good and made with great care and costs a little more. Lastly, there is a small percentage of table wines made only in France and Germany which are not merely good but great wines.

They are the aristocrats among the wines of Bordeaux, Burgundy and the Rhineland vineyards and there are never enough of them, so their cost is prohibitive. Of the great number of sparkling wines made throughout the world, the most famous is champagne. The fortified wines have a much higher alcoholic content than table wines or sparkling wines. Among the most famous are sherry from Spain and port and Madeira from Portugal.

Wine Glasses

Which glasses to use? The best wineglass has a bowl of pure clear glass since it shows off the wine’s color to best advantage. A 4-ounce glass is best when only one glass is used. A 3-ounce is often used for sherry, port and Madeira. A bottle of wine will generally fill 6 four-ounce glasses, if filled correctly about 1-1/2 inches from the brim or three parts filled, giving one’s nose a chance to enjoy the wine’s bouquet.

Which champagne glass is the best? Champagne glasses of the past are generally unsuitable. The most suitable shape that is being used today are the tulip, shaped like a half-opened tulip on a tall stem, and the balloon, like the lower half of a balloon cut in two. Both brims are slightly incurved. A 5-ounce glass is best.

Wine glasses are stemmed because, besides accenting the wine, it keeps hands from warming up the chilled wine. Which temperature is best for serving wine? White wines, sherry and some roses are served chilled, red wines at room temperature that is between 60 and 70 degrees, which means that we sometimes need to slightly refrigerate a red wine to serve it at its best.

Now that you know a little about wine, you can approach it with less intimidation, for no matter how mysterious it is, wine is meant to please, to warm the heart and any occasion or no occasion. Celebrate for whatever reason with a bottle and with a sparkling glass of wine!

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