Boat Sales In Australia

Unlike some of the newer brands of boats, Bayliner have been making boats for over 45 years, and that experience can be shown in the quality of their boats, and the range that they market.

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Boat Sales In Australia

Boats to Buy specialize in Boat Sales in Australia.

Bayliner don’t try to do everything, but what they do is popular in the Australian market. Each Bayliner hull is accurately matched to its Mercury engine to provide the smoothest and some would say a well fuel-efficient ride possible. Bow rise is reduced to a minimum and you can turn your sports Bayliner on a cent if you have to. This degree of performance matching is what gives Bayliner the reputation that they have.

Bayliner’s PRO system is a production method that ensures the best possible manufacturing methods, allied to the highest quality materials and parts to ensure that the performance is top notch. PRO includes performance testing to a very high standard, and any boat that fails is not sold until it passes. It is a system that is applied to the whole of the production of your boat, from sourcing the best materials to using the best manufacturing techniques.

There are four different models in the range: Runabouts, Cuddy Cabins, Deck Boats and Cruisers. The Runabouts are very agile and lightweight boats that are ideal for newcomers to this great activity, and the Cruisers are at the other end of the scale. Cuddy Cabins are much the same as the Runabouts, but include a small cabin below deck that can be used for sleeping or keeping out of the rain. A deck boat is designed for fishing, diving and skiing, and offers loads of deck space for all your family and friends. They make great party boats.

So what is special about Bayliner?

Well, they claim to be the leader in recreational boating, and have a lot to back up that claim. It takes a lot for a boatbuilding company to last almost 50 years, and that is what Bayliner have done. This is partially due to the product, but also to their great service record: if you have a problem, then Bayliner will not let you down.

You will not be passed around, but your problem will be taken seriously and sorted out.

Their manufacturing process ensures that the hull and the key components are bonded as a single unit. This provides an amazing degree of strength and rigidity to the boat that provides it with a very responsive feel. However, let’s have a quick look at the range and what these boats can offer you.

The Bowriders have loads of space, range from 16 feet to 22 feet and are ideal for a day out on the water with family. If we have a look at the 205 model, this is powered by an amazing 220 HP MerCruiser Alpha 1 engine. More than enough for some great skiing or wakeboarding (infloor storage for wakeboards and skis), and if you want entertainment you have an AM/FM stereo controller with inputs for a CD player, MP3 or iPods. However, it’s the Deck Boat you really need if there are a lot in your family, and you can fish or simply soak up the sun with a bit of diving in between.

The 217 Outboard has a 150 HP Mercury Optimax, while the standard has a 190 HP MerCruiser. This goes up to 220 HP in their 30 foot cruiser, the new 2008 Bayliner 300 that sports a TV and CD stereo system, and also a transom shower.With a fridge, microwave, stove and stainless steel sink, you can cater for these all night parties, and you even have a head that includes a sink and shower. The aft double berth and separate V-berth makes sure that there is plenty of sleeping room, so this cruiser provides all you need for a fantastic weekend out on the water.

Bayliner boats are built to last, and they certainly have the looks of a boat that has built by a well established company. Very few people that buy a Bayliner fail to recommend it to their friends, and for very good reason. The construction and design provided a very smooth ride in choppy water, and whichever model you opt for, you get excellent service and a boat that lasts a lifetime.

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