Bean Bag for a Swimming Pool

Did You Know there are Bean Bags for Swimming Pools? You haven't really lived until you've floated on the water in a floating bean bag!

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Did You Know there are Bean Bags for Swimming Pools?

You haven’t really lived until you’ve floated on the water in a floating bean bag! When it comes to pool bean bags, you can’t beat the King Kong Pool Bean Bag, sold by Bean Bags R Us through their online store. This attractive bean bag is currently available in marine blue, red and charcoal for a discounted price of just $99. It is nice to have a few different colours to choose from, but the best thing about the King Kong Pool Bean Bag is the fact that it can be used on water, on land or just about anywhere!

The Most Versatile Bean Bag in the World

It’s not easy to find high-quality floating bean bags, and the King Kong Pool Bean Bag is the best of the best. Thanks to its extremely rugged and durable design, it can be used just as easily indoors as outdoors. It is specifically designed to be used in the water, which makes it perfect for holiday homes, beaches, swimming pools and anywhere else you’d like to float around. Tie a rope through its eyelet and tow it behind a boat for even more excitement. After allowing it to dry, you can use it indoors or out on the deck or patio too. Unlike many pool bean bags, this one is suitable just about anywhere.

Bean Bag Fun for Everyone

In addition to being perfect for use anywhere and anytime, the King Kong Pool Bean Bag can be enjoyed by the whole family. When you compare it to other floating bean bags, you’ll quickly see that it is the most durable, well-designed option out there. What’s even better is that Bean Bags R Us dispatch all orders within 24 hours. Deliveries are made throughout Australia via Australia Post or Startrack Express Couriers, so you can expect your new floating bean bag to arrive quickly. It’s shipped flat-packed without filling, but you can also buy the filling through the online store.

You and your family are sure to enjoy hours of fun with the King Kong Pool Bean Bag! They also make a great gift idea.

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The review "Bean Bag for a Swimming Pool" was last updated on 25/08/2017.