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Everyone loves a dazzling, bright smile. Bdazzled ( offers a range of teeth whitening products that you can use yourself, at home.

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Teeth Whitening Products

No matter how healthy your teeth may seem, discolored or stained teeth can make you ‎feel uncomfortable and self-conscious. Everyone loves a dazzling, bright smile. In ‎addition, in recent years, a great deal research has been conducted not only on the ideal ‎shape and uniformity of teethes, but also their color, decay problems and its diseases. There are various causes of ‎tooth discoloration; it can be caused by medication such as antibiotics or an excessive ‎intake of fluoride. But the most common contributing factor to stained teeth is usually ‎attributed to the daily onslaught of coffee, soft drinks, nicotine, alcohol and food. ‎

Over time, the surface enamel begins to crack and erode, causing stains and ‎discoloration. The obvious solution to this problem is a teeth-whitening treatment, and ‎there are several brands available on the market, employing different techniques. It ‎can be somewhat confusing when deciding which of these methods is best suited to ‎your needs. ‎

How does Teeth Whitening work?‎

The whitening process uses peroxide to bleach discoloration and stains. Enamel is the ‎first layer of the tooth surface and is actually semi-translucent. The layer underneath ‎the enamel is known as dentin. In order to whiten the dentin, a peroxide solution is ‎placed on the enamel. The solution will then bleach the dentin, resulting in whiter ‎teeth. When teeth are bleached, stained teeth will generally lighten four to five shades, ‎depending upon how severely the teeth are stained or discolored. ‎

At-Home Teeth Whitening Techniques

Cosmetic dentists offer several whitening procedures, which may be quite costly. For ‎example, applying bleaching gel to the teeth in conjunction with laser treatment to ‎accelerate the tooth whitening process. But most people opt for more economical and ‎convenient “at-home” teeth whitening procedures. ‎

At-Home Teeth Whitening Systems

There are several types of whitening products available for use at home, including ‎teeth whitening pastes, bleaching solutions and “paint-on” whitening gels. ‎

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    i simply wish to know if there is a product that WORKS on dentures as well as your teeth.