Considering a Balance Transfer Card?

Balance Transfer Card is a free 100% Australian owned review & comparison site helping consumers make the best decisions in choosing the right credit cards for their specific needs.

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What is a Balance Transfer Card?

The website is all about giving you the reader in-depth reviews, information and news on Australia’s growing market of balance transfer cards. The site features an increasing selection of cards from just about any Australian lender and focuses on the deliverance of truth, facts and reviews to help readers get informed.

Which Balance Transfer Card is Right For Me?

If you’ve ever wondered about which card to pick, then you’ve no longer a need to worry. Balance Transfer Card have made it their mission to show you a comprehensive overview of all the Australian balance transfer cards.

When you arrive on their site, you’ll see an overview of the current cards on the market organised into card type and lender. This makes it very easy to find the information you are looking for with the help of a few simple mouse clicks.

The Advantage of Online Research

The great bit about a site like Balance Transfer Card is that you no longer have the need to pound the pavement from bank to independent lender, back to bank. This site makes the research, and application process of balance transfer cards as easy as child’s play because you can do both securely right from within their site.

Bust Your Bad Credit With the Right Knowledge

The hardest part for debt-ridden consumers if the misinformation about credit cards in general. When people get into debt, it is usually a combination of not knowing what a credit card does, how interest works, and how compound negative interest can increase debt into the thousands in a short few months.

Balance Transfer Card shows you way to minimise, and eventually clear your debt with the right balance transfer card choice. They give you the information – YOU make the choice, independently of anything else.

Secure Online Application – Convenience Pure

Once you have made a decision of which card is right for you, based on its features, benefits and costs, you can apply for it securely right from within the site. The encrypted application is then sent to the applicable lender and in most instances you will know within 60 seconds or so whether, or not your application was successful. Some lenders might have to provide additional information to find out.

If you want unbiased knowledge about the current balance transfer credit card market in Australia, then a visit to BalanceTransferCard is a must for any self-respecting card owner.

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The review "Considering a Balance Transfer Card?" was last updated on 17/04/2015.