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Groceries - food and other everyday domestic products are a part of our everyday life. Find out what is so special about ALDI ( discount grocery retailer in Australia.

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Discount Grocery Shopping

There are many stores and shopping malls that sell groceries. One of such stores is ALDI. It’s been in business internationally for 50 years. ALDI opened their first store in Australia in January 2001. There are now 200 stores running in different states, including New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Queensland and Victoria. ALDI is the first Australian supermarket to launch a range of MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) approved tinned seafood.

Just like in any other grocery store, you can buy red salmon, pink salmon, salmon fillets, herring fillets and many more. There are also olive oils available in different quantities at cheaper rates. And then, domestic items, such as shampoo, air fresheners and so on. Australia is famous for its quality products with 100% of fresh meat, 95% of fruits and vegetables and 97% of dairy products are bought from Australian farmers, supporting the local industry.

ALDI provides discount rates on all the grocery shopping items. It reduced rates for many grocery items such as taco meal kit, Damora family crackers, flavoured yogurt, sugar-free chewing gum, etc.

If you haven’t used ALDI before – check out their product range on their website. You can even select and choose the ones you like and print a shopping list which you can take with you next time you shop. More info:

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The review " – Discount Grocery Shopping" was last updated on 04/05/2015.

  • John DD

    Aldi is opening in Perth in Belmont shopping centre. Should be very soon now. They’re already fitting it out.

  • Jon Barber

    They may be planning, but not talking about it, just yet. This quote is from the IBTimes:

    “The boss of the owner of Coles is not fearful of an expansion of Aldi to the west despite the discount grocer managing to gain a foothold in the eastern states. Wesfarmers Managing Director Richard Goyder told The Sunday Times that the competition would be welcomed by Coles, where their turnaround plan is gathering momentum.” (

  • Sue Randall

    Is there an aldi shop in WA? If no, are there any plans for ALDI to come to western australia? I think it would be great to have one here.