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Airport Parking ( is the website you can use to book a car parking spot at the airport next time you fly. For short trips this is a very convenient solution.

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Car Parking at the Airport

Airport Parking provides a great solution to Australian and New Zealand travellers. It allows people to reserve a car parking spot for their vehicles and give a pleasant and stress free start to their journey.

If often makes sense to leave your car at the airport, and may actually work out cheaper than catching a taxi. To book your parking place, is a very easy process: Go to, get a quote, complete booking and that’s it. When you arrive at the airport, there is even a but that will take from from the car park to the airport terminal.

Besides offering secure parking at airports, the service is also available at various ports and railway stations. The details of these are listed on the website under the Ports & Stations section. The FAQ section gives details of the facilities provided at various airport locations while the contact details in Australia and New Zealand are provided under the Contact Us section. Check it out – this may be a cost effective solution for your next trip.

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The review " – Park & Fly" was last updated on 13/12/2009.

  • Sarah

    For short trips I always park at the airport. It’s easier, cheaper and quicker than messing around with taxis and transfers.

  • Benet

    I wish I thought about it before!

  • James R

    The prices are quite reasonable. It’s cheaper to park your car at the airport than taking a taxi from home to the airport and back.