7 Steps to Business Development – Small Business Seminars

Discover the 7 Steps to Business Freedom - www.7stepstobusiness.com.au - the first fully systemised small business development training program proven to give you more time, money and freedom as a small business owner.

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Small Business Seminars – Business Workshops

This website looks different by the way the site promotes a different kind of service.

Business owners are looking for leadership not coaching, they want someone who has been around and knows how to put their finger on the pulse of the business, not to guess what solutions are needed. The 7 steps to business site has some unique and refreshing qualities in how it establishes itself as a leader.

7 Steps to Business Development

  1. Building Your Vision
  2. Team Building & Recruitment
  3. The Magic of Measuring
  4. Planning to Achieve Your Goals
  5. Systems for Profit Growth
  6. Secrets of Sales and Marketing
  7. Management the Final Phase

The site hasn’t got an About us page. It has web pages that aren’t the usual Services or Product ones. The site reflects what people want to know by the different web page names.

If you are working on a business start up or trying to improve in-house culture or business performance, 7stepstobusiness.com.au sounds like a good place to check.

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The review "7 Steps to Business Development – Small Business Seminars" was last updated on 22/03/2010.

  • Richard

    Hey everyone

    Just thought I’d give my 2 cents as an attendee of the Business Freedom Workshop Series.


    I’m 22 now and when I started the course I was in a lot of trouble financially (broke), just broken up with girlfriend, not many friends and then discovered Business Freedom. WOW! I’m not exaggerating how this changed the way I view business, the world, and more importantly myself, I learnt how to influence people by learning what made ME tick, I learnt how to build a business because I learnt how to build MYSELF. I also learnt that by focusing on the most important things in business and using specific strategies, implemented in certain ways; HUGE business growth is the only outcome, and what struck me is that its the same with people….!

    So fast forward 6 months later to now, very much on a high on life, lots of friends I also own 2 Small Businesses that are turning over about as much as I was working at a fast food chain (name shall not be mentioned – you can guess who I worked for :D) I have all the skills and knowledge ever needed to turn them into both a 6 figure+ business running WITHOUT ME HAVING TO BE THERE! This means I can get on doing what I wanto do and not worry about my financial freedom being something that I would never reach.

    I think that the biggest thing I got was Personal Development = Business Development = Freedom,Time,Money,Health,Relationship,Happiness(“Insert Your Highest values Here”)

    Hope this helps, btw Tim does hold FREE half day seminars on how to make more profits, just check out the site for more info.

    To Your Freedom!

    Richard Berry

  • I thought your summary was right on, and the site is definitely worth a look for any upcoming small business.

  • Is there anything about discovering your customer for targeted marketing efforts? That’s what I’ve struggled with and would like to learn more.

  • It looks like a one size fits all solution. However, the testimonials are impressive..

  • What about market analysis? I think it is the most important factor in business and every one doing business finally to earn profit from investment